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The lean software - LiveConfig

It is a Software for safe Administration from servers via a SSl-protected, modern web interface. LiveConfig is used to manage servers on the Linux-platform is used. Existing software packages are automatically detected and configured using customizable and open source scripts. LiveConfig configures the packages of the distributions on which it is installed. This means that no proprietary packages are imposed, making LiveConfig minimally invasive. The software is available for the Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Suse and CentOS distributions. Since LiveConfig is a standalone software, it is Apache, PHP or MySQL not needed. Furthermore, the software is multi-Server-capable. This way, several servers can be managed centrally under one interface. So it is no problem if Email, Databases and Webspace are located on different servers. At present, NGINX-. MySQL 5.x-, PHP 5.x-, Dovecot-, Apache and Postfix-server with LiveConfig. Access to LiveConvig is controlled by a configurable password policy, different methods for two-factor authentication and some more Functions protected. A PHP is not required for the software, because it is completely programmed in C/C++. This means that problems after PHP-Updates excluded. The administration of several systems via a central LiveConfig server is possible, provided an appropriate license is available. The software has a proprietary, own protocol, over which the communication between the systems takes place. This is the LCCP, the LiveConfig Client Protocol. Which further functions LiveConvig has and which Advantages the software possesses you will find out in the following Article.

The functions

The software can manage several servers simultaneously via a central interface. It also provides individual Servicessuch as E-mail or MySQL, ready. Administrators the important server data, such as IP-TrafficCPU usage and much more, graphically displayed. The rights management is flexible. So it is possible that several User can be created, which can have different rights. With LiveConfig some main tasks can be done. These tasks include the configuration of Domains and subdomains, the Create and manage databases, set up a password protection for directories, a live log display, setting up e-mailMail-mailboxes, create of usage statistics, activation of error logs and the Advertisements of system information, such as disk space, traffic, CPU usage and others. LiveConfig supports email programs such as Outlook, KMail, Thunderbird and, at logon, two-factor authentication. The integration of own content is possible without any problems. To run a LiveConfig server at least 15MB Working memory and 30MB of free disk space are required. For the web interface the browsers Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Use Explorer and Chrome. To use LiveConfig, JacaSkript must be enabled. PHP, Perl, Flash or Python are not necessary. Since it also works without Flash, servers can also be managed on the iPad without any restrictions. More resources are available for the application, since it does not require Database, still needs an interpreter. Configuration files can be created using the easy-to-learn script language Lua. Administrators are able to adapt the scripts individually to the given requirements. HTML5 and Ajax are used for dynamic data updates in the browser.


Three license versions

The software is a commercial product. The product belongs to Keppler IT GmbH from Erlangen in Bavaria. For LiveConfig there is a 30-day test license. Furthermore, the software is available in three license versions. Here you can choose between Basic, Standard and Business differentiated. The Basic version is intended for users of small servers and private customers. With the basic license up to 10 users can be managed. With the standard version, a server can be administered unlimitedly, no matter how many domains or users are set up with it. With the Business Version, multiple servers can be managed through a central web interface.

Installation of LiveConfig

The software can be completely uninstalled at any time. This is made possible by the simply designed installation packages. The flexible rights and User administration bring many advantages. All objects created with LiveConfig, such as domains, customers or servers, receive individually encrypted IDs. The interface of the Simple Object Access Protocol is ideal for connecting to your own ordering systems. New DomainsCustomers or users can be created automatically.

Provider that offer Liveconfig can be found in our Web hosting directory.


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