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Managed Server - what is it and is it worth it?

Managed servers - who are they worthwhile for?

Companies that have a larger website require as much power as possible. Managed Server are serviced directly by webhosters and not by their customers. The expertise of the Web host is an advantage - customers can benefit from comprehensive security concepts and excellent installations. We clarify you about managed server and the associated Advantages up!

Managed Server - the all-round carefree package

The primary advantage of Managed Servers is obvious: The customer must - in contrast to Root Server - not taking care of everything yourself. All Settings, Updateswho Installation of server modules and much more, is taken over by the webhoster. The web host convinces with his comprehensive expert knowledge and an effective approach, which can lead to considerable cost savings. In the case of managed servers, all maintenance and support work is carried out by the web host, who can often carry out the work involved more cost-effectively and efficiently than internal employees. Managed servers offer a high Performance: Large websites run "as smooth as butter" even with high traffic. This is also due to the fact that system resources do not need to be shared with anyone else. Web hosters who offer managed servers enable their customers to have a courteous Servicewho quickly realizes problems and wishes. By and large, Managed Servers offer their users all the advantages of a root server - but not its disadvantages.

Things to know about Managed Server

Managed servers are a tempting concept that solves problems. The advantageous service must of course be remunerated accordingly. Whoever uses the Costs for own employees, but will estimate this price know. The seemingly minor price increases can quickly turn out to be cost savings. Those who maintain servers themselves usually spend a lot of time and cannot proceed as routinely and professionally as a web host. Many website operators also simply do not have the know-how to maintain a root server. Even if rudimentary knowledge is available, the time required is usually not even worth the effort. Managed servers have another advantage: If you cause damage yourself, you have no one to blame. If no immediate action is taken when security gaps occur, immense damage can result. The same applies if the server crashes. In the event of damage, the web host can be contacted in the case of a managed server. Their insurance company is solvent and can immediately compensate for any damage.

Managed Server - a worthwhile offer

The bottom line is that managed servers are a "great thing". The cost-effective prices and high-quality services reflect the advantages of an efficient division of labour. With Managed Servers, web hosters offer an excellent opportunity to increase the performance of a website. This leads to increased visitor numbers, since existing Visitors to drop out less often because of problems. Many web hosters offer a 24-hour customer service for managed servers, which also Christmas and reacts in the middle of the night. Of course, a managed server does not make sense for everyone - especially not for smaller websites. However, if you have a traffic of 10,000 visitors or more, a Managed Server will benefit from a Managed Server in a special way. The same applies to website operators who have only rudimentary knowledge of root server administration.

Provider for managed servers are for example:

webhoster.de AG - vServer managed

Agency Ehrenwert UG

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