Set up WordPress forwarding with redirection

It is not difficult to create a WordPress redirection for posts and pages with redirection. The plug-in is free, very intuitive and allows 301, 302 and 307 redirections. In addition, the WordPress Plugin can also display 404 error messages, which can be used to set up the correct redirection, so that non-existing posts or pages are not displayed to search engines or website visitors.

Furthermore, the WordPress Plug-In is suitable for informing search engines that a domain that has moved to a new location now exists in a new location, thus avoiding that the meticulously constructed WordPress pages fly out of the search engine index and visitors of the Internet pages are also directly informed that the old page is now in a new location. Other functions of the WordPress plugin include the manual addition of 301, 302 and 307 redirections, the automatic processing of the HTACCESS file and the statistical recording of the already used redirections by means of the created redirection. The WordPress Plug-In Redirection is available in German and in many other languages.

Just download from the WordPress Plug-In directory

Downloading and installing the plugin is extremely easy and fast. All you have to do is download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, unzip it and load the directory into the /wp-content-/plugins/ folder. The activation of the plugin is easily done via the plugin management of the WordPress page. To set up new redirections, the first step is to enter the outdated URL in the lower area "Add new redirection". The new address to which you want to redirect must then be entered below the input field and then click on "Add Redirection". Now the entered old addresses are redirected to the new addresses.

The different functions

With the "URL only" option, the redirection is executed completely and without consideration of match specifications. The default setting can be applied in the usual way. The option "URL and referrer" performs the redirection, source and referrer page match.

With the setting "URL and User Agent" the redirection is then carried out, if URL and visitor's browser match. with "URL and Login Status" the redirection is then carried out, if URL and login status of the visitor match. it is possible to change the settings
in both directions, which means that both positive and negative matches can be determined.

The "Redirect to URL" option allows the specified addresses to be simply redirected. This setting can usually be applied in the same way. With "Redirect to a random post" it is possible to redirect the old internet address of a post to a random post. The "Pass through" option passes pages or contributions to another Internet page. With the function "Error (404)" 404 error messages can be displayed.

With Yoast Seo Premium links are automatically rewritten and the sitemap.xml adjusted.

Simple, intuitive and free

Thanks to the numerous functions and the light, well thought-out structure of Redirection, redirections in WordPress are extremely uncomplicated. The plug-in can be used very intuitively and really leaves nothing to be desired. Both download and installation are very simple, whereby a further advantage is that the plug-in is free of charge and is provided directly under the WordPress plug-ins.

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