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Yoast Seo extension

The Yoast SEO extension is not only very practical, but also easy to install and to use it. After the plug-in has been downloaded, you must go directly to the "Company Information" tab, after the SEO menu was clicked on "General".

Checkboxes in the Yoast Seo extension

Now the name of the company is registered, taking into account that the location should be integrated if it is decisive for the company. Regarding the company logo, the file format should not be too small, the same applies to the image URL for the Social Media Tabs. Once the links for the search engine services have been clicked and registered, the user accounts are created and the respective IDs are entered in the appropriate fields. Under the tab "Security"It is recommended to check the checkbox then, the editorial work will be done by different people and if it is not desired that authors have administrative rights regarding their own Contributions received. If the checkbox is not marked, authors are able to exclude individual contributions from search engine indexing or can arrange for forwarding. If the checkbox in the tab "General" is marked, the double output of the page name in the SEO title is corrected, which is a not unknown problem. If the mouse pointer is moved over the title of the page in the browser tab, the generated title of the page is displayed after a few moments. If this problem occurs, the checkbox should be checked.

Individual settings

In the tab of the "Titles and Meta“- Settings the snippet can be designed, which is the search result that the search engines show in the results of the start page for the website appears. Make sure that the title of the main page (in the menu under "Settings", "General"), which is inserted, is always placed at the end of the respective SEO title template. If in edit mode the posts and Pages no individual SEO titles and meta descriptions in the SEO Fields is entered, automatic templates are used for this by default. It is worth writing unique meta-descriptions for each post and each page, otherwise only a small excerpt of the content text of the respective page or post will automatically appear in the search result snippet. Under the Categories Metarobots and in the Metabox you can make further individual settings regarding the date display or hiding. The Keywords should be configured so that they are not indexed by the search engines, as this prevents sanctions due to duplicated content.

social media

Is it about filling out the Yoast Social settings, then help search engines to recognize the connection to social networks. The page content is formatted by these settings so that it is well displayed in the search engines and on the social platforms. The Yoast Plug-In operates Google+ meta data, Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards.


If an image, PDF or other file is saved in WordPress is uploaded, the file is saved in the WordPress media library and thus included in the search function. If only this checkbox is marked, the VisitorsWhen you click on the file URL, the system automatically redirects you to the original post or page that contains the file URL. Stop words that cause very long permalinks can also be removed using the checkbox.Dr File Editor offers the possibility to configure .htaccess and robots.txt.

seoImport and export function

SEO titles and meta-descriptions are considered the flagship of the websitebecause they are the first thing that visitors see in the search results. For this reason it is more than advisable to maintain these titles carefully and well and to enter the main keyword of the respective page or post in the Description to integrate. The mass processing makes it possible to see the SEO titles and meta-descriptions of all pages and contributions of the website simultaneously and to edit. It is possible to export the import-export module of the individual Yoast SEO settings, for example as Backup or to import.


The Category "Extensions" provides an overview of all available SEO extensions. These are fee required Premium-Pluginsthat meet special SEO requirements. Yoast Premium offers numerous extra Functions as well as premium support, local SEO enables improved ranking in Googlemaps and on site,
With Video SEO can Videosoptimized so that they are displayed in the search results and more Clicks can be generated, News SEO is suitable for all users who are listed on Google News and who Traffic from there via Google News Optimization would like to increase.

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